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In Redal we have combined things we hold dear; natural warmth, tactility and the harmony of colour. Somewhere for the eyes to rest, for the fingertips to linger, to lean back and be surrounded by comfort. Redal combines vibrant colours with natural, soft grey melanges. With a twist of three colours in the weft, Redal is reviving the best of the historic colours of Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik.

Design: GU Design Team / Ragnhild Nordhagen & Christiane Müller

  • Article no. 5535
    Weight 800 g/m
    Width 140 cm
  • Durability (rubs on Martindale) 110,000
    Fastness to light (1-8) 5-7
    Resistance to rubbing dry state (1-5) 4
    Resistance to rubbing wet state (1-5) 3-4
    Wheelmark Yes
    EU Ecolabel Yes
    Flame resistance EN ISO 1021: Part 1+2
    FTP Code: Part 8 (IMO)
    BS 5852: Part 2 (Crib 5)
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  • Wool textiles have good, natural water-repellent properties, which mean that it is easy to clean. We recommend focusing on regular maintenance and cleaning of our fabrics. Below you can download our maintenance guide, which also contains recommended cleaning methods.

    Professional dry-cleaning
    Iron at moderate temperature
    Do not wash
    Do not bleach
    Do not tumble dry
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Colour Palette

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Photo: Redal 185 Earthy Red / Heddal Stitched 265 / Koksdal 560


Redal is a combination of lively colours and natural melanges. The seasons in Gudbrandsdalen are very clear. It is something special to follow the changes of colors nature offers when the seasons change. Layers upon layers of colors emerge, and this is what has been the inspiration behind the unique color palette for the furniture fabric Redal. Here, vibrant colors meet natural melange, and you can draw the feeling of nature into the home or into the office.

In Gudbrandsdalen, autumn, winter, spring and summer have their own clear identity and atmosphere, and that is something we respond to. Redal is a study in color composition where harmonious color mixtures are inspired by the color changes in nature. The beautiful tones are recreated in a combination of wool yarn, lines and structures. The colors are harmonious and rich, and the various colors in the collection are inspired by nature with everything from dramatic sky tones to natural earth tones, mighty mountains and deep fjords.

Technical qualities

Working with a wool material that also comes from nature means that the colors can be translated and it creates a unique result. Each color in the collection consists of three colors that are carefully selected and twisted together. The warp is melange and it creates an effect with light and shadow. It is an art to create harmony between weft yarns and warp yarns.

Weaving in a mill can easily be considered something mechanical, but it is first and foremost a craft. We refine beautiful materials, and it is always an exciting process to see a new design in the loom for the first time when it grows and becomes a fabric. It is something magical and special to see how the colors are mixed together.

Redal has been developed through a large color study, which has created a high quality wool fabric that also has a fantastic play of colors and a wealth in it. The fabric has good neutrals and exciting contrasts. The composition consists of wool and viscose which are natural materials.