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Ragnhild Nordhagen

Ragnhild Nordhagen

The design team at Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik is led by Senior Designer & Product Developer Ragnhild Nordhagen. 

Ragnhild, who is a true textile enthusiast from Bergen, has been with Gudbrandsdalen's Uldvarefabrik since 2013. She had her first encounter with weaving at folk college as a 19-year-old and spent a year on the tailoring line at the Bergen Yrkesskole. She then trained in design and weaving, and has a master's in textile design from the University of Borås.

Ragnhild has always been extremely concerned with details in historical fashion and textiles. She is genuinely concerned that a textile should be "rich" - in the sense that it has natural materials, structure, details and colors that enable one to enjoy materiality and appearance.

In 2017, Gudbrandsdalens Uldvarefabrik and Ragnhild received the DOGA label for the furniture fabrics Sirdal, Suldal and Setesdal, which were developed in collaboration with Pernille Jensen Stoltze / Flokk.