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Herringdal & Morgedal - Beautiful, classic and exclusive upholstery fabrics

Herringdal & Morgedal

Herringdal and Morgedal were designed by Kari Skogstad in the mid 80's. These two classic upholstery fabrics have been put together in a family and given new, muted colors that create a warm atmosphere and a feeling of quality and well-being.

Design: GU Design Team / Kari Skogstad | Colours: Ragnhild Nordhagen & Christiane Müller

At a time when things are moving faster and faster, the calm and harmonious moments are extra important. Being able to spend time observing has become a new everyday luxury. Morgedal has been part of our collection for over 40 years, and we have retrieved Herringdal from the archive. 

These two qualities go very well together, and we see that there are textiles that fit very well in the time we are in now. The upholstery fabrics have classic, graphic patterns. Herringdal is designed with a herringbone pattern, and Morgedal has a diagonal. This is an expression you often find in classic men's tailoring, often in exclusive wool suits that become more beautiful with time.

Herringdal & Morgedal

Herringdal & Morgedal er møbelstoffer med klassiske, grafiske mønstre.

We are becoming more and more aware that the things we surround ourselves with or invest in are no longer short-term choices. It should provide "something more", have an obvious value and longevity. Sustainability has become a word we use often, and awareness of the choices we make and how they affect the environment has become part of our lifestyle. These fabrics have the quality, patterns and appearance that make them last a long time. The new muted colors are harmonious and timeless.

Wool fabrics are very good to work with. They are very malleable and enclose the furniture and shapes in an exceptional way. In addition, wool has many natural properties and a high durability.

Herringdal & Morgedal