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Setesdal, Sirdal, Suldal - An award-winning textile in 100% Norwegian wool


The furniture fabrics Sirdal, Setesdal and Suldal in 100% Norwegian wool are a short-lived, genuine and natural product with a very special environmental profile.

Design: GU Design Team / Ragnhild Nordhagen & Flokk AS Design Team / Pernille Jensen Stoltze

The sheep is one of our oldest livestock in Norway. We have long traditions for caring for and using wool. Annually, more than 4,000 tonnes of wool are produced in Norway. In the past, it was challenging for a long time to get access to enough Norwegian wool of the right quality that could be used in the production of furniture and upholstery fabric. In 2015, Gudbrandsalens Uldvarefabrik chose to do something about this in collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Flokk.


Wool is biodegradable and a renewable resource.

The result was the both technical and beautiful upholstery fabrics Sirdal, Setesdal and Suldal, a collection in 100% Norwegian wool. Here, quality, design and the environment meet in a beautiful union. The collection was awarded the DOGA label. In 2022, Sirdal got 5 new beautiful colors in connection with the development of the chair Tion from Flokk.

All Norwegian wool is traded and used. The Norwegian wool is very resilient and robust. Wool is biodegradable and a renewable resource. It does not need to be washed in the same way as other fiber types and has a long life. Here we are talking about sustainability and the environment in practice. By using wool, you contribute to the full utilization of the entire animal, and the process is therefore very sustainable.

Choosing Norwegian goods is more important than ever so that we can keep Norwegian industry alive. By choosing upholstery fabrics in Norwegian wool, you are also helping to keep the Norwegian sheep industry alive and to secure local jobs. At the same time, you get short-distance top quality.

The wool we use comes from Norilia. It is classified by experienced quality inspectors in accordance with the Norwegian Wool Standard. The quality assessment of wool is based on the fibres' fineness, length, curl, elasticity, evenness, color and more. The wool from Norilia is marked with "Svanemerket", and we know that it comes from healthy animals that are well cared for. Animal welfare is important in Norway and is closely monitored by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. These are clean and safe raw materials.

100% norsk ull

Wool from the Norwegian sheep is spun into yarn in our factory before it is woven, dyed and prepared into furniture and upholstery fabric. The entire production process is under the same roof, from raw material to finished product, which gives the furniture fabrics a completely unique environmental profile. In addition, wool is a natural product with naturally technical inherent properties.

It attracts moisture and is heat regulating. This means that a piece of furniture will not feel sticky, but will stay dry and nice. Wool is self-cleaning and has antibacterial properties, and is easy to maintain. You can go a long way with a cloth and some warm water. The material has good resilience, and holds up well year after year, and not least, wool is naturally flame retardant without the use of chemicals, and it is biodegradable. Setesdal, Sirdal and Suldal are certified with the EU Ecolabel (EU-Blomst).